About John

Dr. John Clements is one of our lead authors.

John started his writing career way back in 1966, he was a village correspondent for a small local paper called the Diss Express being paid the princely sum of 1 old penny per line published! From this he was engaged by a London paper as an agony uncle writing a weekly column on careers and lifestyle issues. Since then he has had several hundred articles, ranging from aspects of leadership development to understanding the meaning of life, published in various national and international publications.

Three of his own books have been published:-

Fruitful Prospects, Ripe For The Picking: How To Start Reaping Success And Stop Missing Out.

Excellence Becomes YOU: Proven Principles To Raise Your Life From Mediocrity To Excellence.

Make Your Walls Tumble: How To Change Your Impossible To Merely Difficult – The Achieve Success!

A further three titles are pending contracts with an international publisher.

He is a member of the Society of Authors.

Much of the work of a ghost writer remains confidential – John is able upon request to supply references from clients he has written for.

Seven reasons why clients like to work with him?

  1. Commitment to excellence. John works with a team of highly skilled professional writers as he believes that more minds can create a better manuscript.

  2. John is highly creative and frequently approaches work from a fresh perspective.

  3. Whilst he himself is an ordained Christian minister he does not preach or coerce you to his beliefs. He is very tolerant and understanding of other faiths. He is highly ethical and totally honest so you can have total confidence that he will deliver what he promises.

  4. With his training in counselling and coaching he is an excellent listener who can empathise with you. You can be certain that he will go to great lengths to understand your requirements and meet them when ever humanly possible.

  5. Many of his clients find him to be a man of great wisdom and insight which helps them in understanding what they really want.

  6. He is very supportive and motivational.

  7. Clients love his sense of humour and his positive attitude towards life.