Book endorsed by Pam Rhodes

The newly launched edition of How To Get What Money Can’t Buy: Personal Peace And Happiness In A World Of Unrest not only has a new cover but has been endorsed by Pam Rhodes who is the well known presenter of the BBC television series Songs of Praise.

Pam RhodesPam writes: What I love about this book is the way in which John draws on the wisdom of the past in order to inform and inspire us as we face the challenges in our lives today. I have long been an admirer of the inspiration and humanity we find in hymn texts written down through the centuries, because the human condition never really changes. When John Greenleaf Whittier, an American Quaker and poet during the 19th Century, wrote in that much-loved hymn Dear Lord and Father of Mankind about ‘the still small voice of calm’, he was pinpointing exactly the need for inner peace and a soul-deep connection with God that John Clements describes in this book. When the blind Gospel writer Fanny Crosby wrote how she felt ‘free from my doubts and fears’ because she was Safe in the Arms of Jesus, she was recognising the same reassuring answer to fear and anxiety which John also describes here. We are gently guided to an understanding of timeless truths and God’s unconditional love, both of which are a welcome balm to help us cope with our own everyday problems.

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