Fruitful Prospects


The world is filled with incredible,
life-changing opportunities…

And these opportunities
for success and
happiness are literally
all around you!

The question is…

Do you know how to find
them and harvest them?


Dear Friend,Appletunity

My name is Dr. John Clements, and my latest book Fruitful Prospects unlocks the secrets of finding happiness and success by simply maintaining a more positive outlook on life. Inside the book, you’ll find the habits and personal attitudes of successful people from all walks of life.

After reading Fruitful Prospects you will see the world differently by seeing it through the eyes of those who know what enjoying life really means!

Among the things you’ll take away from Fruitful Prospects:

Learn how to put yourself in “the right place at the right time”

Discover the “To-Do” list of highly successful, positive people

Find out why achieving your goals is so much easier when you help others
achieve their goals

Learn the power of pro-activity to make things happen

See how changes in attitude result in great rewards…almost immediately.

And so much more!

A book that stays with you for a lifetime

I hope you will find my new book as funny as it is thought-provoking, and as fun as it is invaluable to finding peace and wellness in a chaotic world.

With concise chapters and scores of fun, full-color illustrations, you’ll probably finish Fruitful Prospects in a couple of hours, but I truly believe that the book’s message will stay with you for a lifetime (and have you reading it again and again!).

As you’ll see right from page one of the book, my philosophy is all about mixing humor, spirituality and good old common sense (which is not so common these days) to show you how all three have the power to change your life.