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How Eric Little Became Mr. BIG!

Is your world filled with little people? People who don’t return e-mails or do the things they have promised. People who are mired to mediocrity. People that are so uninspiring that they are easy to forget. Have you ever met anyone like this? However it is possible to meet people […]

Failure – the best way to success!

Most people these days live in fear of failure as success is the only thing that is acceptable in today’s fast paced world. Yet many don’t realise that in order to gain success, sometime they have to experience failure. If you don’t make mistakes, how an earth can you learn? […]

Twice born – it’s the best life

Whilst I was a contributing writer to the American magazine Personal Excellence I came across the work of another contributor to the magazine whose work has inspired and influenced over the years. If you have not read “An Invented Life” by Warren Bennis – go out a purchase a copy! I […]

I love good books

Good books, like good friends, are few and chosen; the more select the more enjoyable; and like these are approached with diffidence, nor sought too familiarly nor too often, having the precedence only when friends tire. The most mannerly of companions, accessible at all times, in all moods, they frankly […]

A life in your life

Are you getting the best out of life? Demands made by today’s world may exhaust the toughest personality. Events in the Middle East bring an added dimension of anxiety – the most common cause of unhappiness. Do you have a sense of apprenhension – maybe alarm – which may give […]