Infusion of inspiration from an exemplar of empowerment
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Thoughts to live by


To get full inspiration value from these quotations, you need to savour them. That means you need to read each one several times; let it settle into our unconscious; then reflect on its implications for your career, relationships, attitudes, and spiritual outlook. You should do the reading in a quiet room, and the reflection with your eyes closed. In these conditions, each quotation may remind you of scenarios that you’ve personally experienced, complete with sensory phenomena – sounds, sights, smells, movements, pain, pleasure etc. These will give each quotation specific meaning for you. Note down everything that comes to mind (preferably on a hand-held sound recorder, so that you don’t have to open your eyes: you can transcribe the material into your notebook later). After several such sessions for each quotation, new insights will start to blossom. Analyse them carefully before acting on them: like waking dreams, they indicate the hitherto – unheeded needs, desires, intentions and capabilities of your unconscious mind. Some folk pay thousands to therapists for insight like that!

After three or four weeks of cogitation on these quotations, and noting the insights that come to mind, you should have worked your way through most of the list – and may even have started to write some of your own. Pass them around to your family and colleagues; take advantage of their feedback to refine your insights. People often respond well to being asked what they think – especially in contexts where they normally just get ordered around!

Performing this process regulary and diligently can have a multitude of benefits; but its ultimate purpose is to seed the harvest of career and personsonal success that you’ve always dreamed about – sometimes while awake!