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How Eric Little Became Mr. BIG!

littleIs your world filled with little people? People who don’t return e-mails or do the things they have promised. People who are mired to mediocrity. People that are so uninspiring that they are easy to forget. Have you ever met anyone like this?

However it is possible to meet people whose influence can change your life for ever. When I was a student at Durham I had a tutor called Eric Little but there was nothing little about him. He made such an impact on my life that I have renamed him Mr BIG.

So what was so different about Eric Little? Simply this, when ever you handed in an essay, without fail he would have it marked by the next day. I have no idea just how he managed to do that. The other lecturers were good but very often essays that you had burnt the midnight oil to complete by a deadline took perhaps 3 or 4 weeks to be returned! If you needed to see a tutor, very often they couldn’t fit you into their diary for a week to ten days but in most cases Eric Little found a way to see you the next day. He was always available and he went out of his way to help if you were in any kind of trouble.

Can you see why I renamed him? This type of attitude really makes a big difference.

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